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Project Summary

Project Summary

MASURIN-project: Management of Sustainable Revitalisation of Urban Industrial Sites

Provide authorities with knowledge and tools to create a new partnership with industry and the public, based on awareness, transparency and openness to dialogue in order to improve and maintain a sustainable, environmentally and socio-economic optimised situation. The long-term objective is to improve local decision making with regard to industrial activities within the urban environment.

Coordinator: René H.J. Korenromp (TNO-MEP)
Maarten van Loon, B.Sc.
phone +31 58 357 36 93
fax +31 58 357 32 52

Problems to be solved
Within the boundaries of European cities, there are many smaller industrial sites surrounded by residential areas. These sites, especially those that are older, are associated with a multitude of problems: out-dated infrastructure, production processes and non-compliance with current environmental regulations. The consequence of this is that the well-heeled companies leave for new sites and the inner city site becomes run down. City planners respond to this but in many cases and for different reasons, local authorities are not able to make a transition to sustainability. Traditional approaches cannot provide the primary solution to environmental and spatial problems in urban areas. After all, for a vital, economically robust, habitable city, it is important that residents are able to live agreeably in a clean, healthy and safe environment as well as work, shop and pursue leisure activities there. The inner city industrial sites are potentially outstanding at providing balanced employment and economic activity in the city, and boosting opportunity for the development of medium sized and large businesses, crafts and small businesses or a combination of different types of companies.

Scientific objectives and approach
The main objectives of this project are to provide authorities with knowledge and practical tools to create a new partnership with industry and the public, based on awareness, transparency and openness to dialogue in order to improve and maintain optimum sustainability, in both environmental and socio-economic terms.

Expected impacts
Local authorities in five cities from five countries will be assisted in the revitalising process of urban industrial sites by executing case studies. For these case studies existing economic and environmental models as well as decision-making tools will be improved and developed to work together in one toolkit. This toolkit will be tested in the MASURIN project. The results and knowledge developed in MASURIN will be disseminated in international Working Conferences, which will be held in different countries. Finally the project aims at realising national and international networks of cities dealing with the issue of the sustainable (re)vitalisation of urban industrial sites.


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