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Management of Sustainable Revitalisation of Urban Industrial Sites

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Thank you for visiting our site. On this site you will find information on the MASURIN project, the partners involved, the project results and an update on important congresses and meetings.

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Project Summary
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Project Tasks
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Project results
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Congresses, international meetings
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Partners only (RESTRICTED AREA)
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MASURIN Amiens - Presentations
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MASURIN objective
Provide authorities with knowledge and tools to create a new partnership with industry and the public, based on awareness, transparency and openness to dialogue in order to improve and maintain a sustainable, environmentally and socio-economic optimised situation. The long-term objective is to improve local decision making with regard to industrial activities within the urban environment.

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おしゃれなインテリアの通販 ロフトベッド 海外ホテルの予約 The author is solely responable for the MASURIN-internet site. It does not represent the opinion of the Community, and the Community is not responsible for any use that might be made of the data appearing therein.

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 MASURIN is a research project
 supported  by the European
 Commission under the 5th
 Framework Programme and
 contributing to the implementation
 of the Key Action 4 "City of
 Tomorrow";  Sustainable City
 Planning and Rational Recourse
 Management: Improving urban
 governance and decision making &
 Improving economic development,
 competitiveness and job creation
 in city centres and
 neighbourhoods. Contract no:

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Roel Brand, B.Sc.
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fax +31 58 357 32 87

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